Meet Bruce, Simone, Lucille and Our Other Chickens


Carolyn spent some of her teenage years on a 300-acre farm in Coudersport, Pennsylvania.  She became interested in raising peacocks, pigeons and chickens, and eventually developed a sizable flock of pet birds.

Discussing politics.

“Discussing politics.”

After nearly ten years here at the Inn, her mother-hen urge returned (with the encouragement of our Assistant Innkeeper, Marcia, who keeps lots of chickens on her farm in Louisa).  We now have 6 beautiful chickens (5 hens and 1 rooster) in residence at a luxurious coop under the black gum tree.  The hens, including Simone and Lucille, are starting to provide “Inn-fresh” eggs for breakfast.  The rooster,, Bruce J., keeps watch over the ladies and chases away hawks and other predators.

Our chickens are very tame, so if you stay with us, or just stop in, we hope you will enjoy visiting with them.