At Monticello: Jack Jouett’s Ride and July 4th, 2016 Naturalization Ceremony

This weekend, June 18-19, Monticello is celebrating the June 1781 ride of Jack Jouett, our “local Paul Revere”, who rode 40 miles through the night to warn then-Virginia Governor Thomas Jefferson of the approach of British cavalry whose mission was to capture Mr. Jefferson at his home. Witness a re-enactment of the ride, Jefferson’s farewell to his family, his narrow escape, and other events that happened during the American Revolution 235 years ago.

On July 4th, upwards of 80 foreign-born persons will take the oath of American citizenship on the back lawn at Monticello.  This marks the 54th consecutive year that the Thomas Jefferson Foundation has sponsored the event.  It’s a very moving ceremony, with new citizens from all parts of the globe describing their struggles to become Americans.

Lots going on around here this summer!  Come stay with us and enjoy the history, activities and natural beauty of the Charlottesville area.

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