The Inn’s Antique Bed

We love antiques that have colorful

stories behind them.  Sometime in the late 18th – early 19th century, a craftsman from the Valley Forge, Pennsylvania area made the tiger maple bed that graces one of our rooms. According to a farmer in the community of Sandy Spring, Maryland, who sold it to Carolyn’s mom, the bed was a gift from the Valley Forge Ironmaster to his granddaughter for her wedding. The bed had been in the farmer’s family for generations, and had been stored, unused, for many years. Carolyn’s mom cleaned it up a bit and placed it in the master bedroom of her family’s 1789 home.  In 1971, she began designing and stitching the hangings that now adorn the bed.  It was a labor of love that took her 15 years to complete, and it chronicles her family’s life in Chicago, Sandy Spring, and Coudersport, Pennsylvania.  Carolyn’s mom gave the bed to us shortly after we moved to Charlottesville.  If you decide to stay with us, ask about this beautiful antique bed.

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