What’s Goin’ On . . . in April?

Yay, winter has left us.  The Inn and all of Charlottesville are looking glorious once again.  Time to visit!  Here are some reasons why you should:

1.     It’s Garden Week.  Beginning April 20th and continuing through the 27th, visitors can experience firsthand some of the most beautiful buildings and grounds in the entire Commonwealth.  Many are also historically significant.  Start with Morven on Saturday the 20th, with a tour of the formal gardens.  Morven is a large estate now owned by the University of Virginia.  Thomas Jefferson originally purchased the land for William Short, his “adoptive son” and personal secretary when he was Minister to France in the 1780’s.  After Morven, head over to the University and see the Lawn area and the gardens and serpentine walls behind Pavilions II, IV and VI.  Chat with some of the students who live on the Lawn, and maybe take a tour of a room.  Lawn residents are unfailingly polite, and they’re bound to be in a good mood — they’re graduating in a month!

2.   UVA Baseball Team Is Rollin’.  Now ranked no. 4 in the country, the UVA Baseball Team is 29-3.    They have home games later this month against Radford, Old Dominion, Florida State, Richmond and George Mason.  Unable to catch a Nats game?  Come see the ‘Hoos!

3.   Try Out Your Palate at Some New Wineries.  Mount Juliet Vineyards, a/k/a Grace Estate Winery, is opening this month.  Jake Busching, the winemaker-in-residence, has a reputation for producing some fantastic wines.  And like many of the wineries in the western Albemarle and Nelson County areas, the property is beautiful.

4.  To Infinity and Beyond!  We went to public night at UVA’s Fan Mountain Observatory last October, and saw some amazing celestial bodies through its telescopes.  Fan Mountain is hosting another public night on April 12th, and its cousin, the McCormick Observatory, is open on April 19th.  Come out and see the stars — it’s free!


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