The Inn in 1954

This painting hangs in our upstairs hallway, and depicts the Inn in 1954, when it was almost 100 years old.  At the time, the Inn wasn’t a bed and breakfast, it was a working farm, all 1,200 acres of it! The family that owned the property in 1954, the Shoffners, primarily raised cattle and other livestock.   Maybe that’s why you see so much fencing in the picture, although we’ve been told that they had a pool somewhere near the front of the house, which has since been filled in.  Behind the house, going up the hill, is a cleared area — probably a pasture at the time.  Now there’s a townhouse community, Willow Lake, and a community college located there.  Notice the antenna or the electric pole at the top of the hill.  In the early 50’s some of the homes in our area were still without electricity, and television (black and white only) was a novelty.

What is now the Jefferson Room, on the left side of the picture, used to be utility room.  The Shoffners’ 3 young sons probably had to enter the house this way after playing in the creek that runs through the property.  On the right side of the picture is the garage, which is now our Cottage.  And some of the trees and shrubs that are depicted have grown up or are no longer there. 

The artist who painted this picture probably never imagined that this property would one day become a guest house for over 1,000 visitors a year!

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