Good News, Bad News . . . .

The bad news is that about 2 weeks ago, we had a severe storm with high winds and heavy rain, that brought down half of our biggest tree, a 150-year-old Linden or Basswood tree.

The good news is that half of the tree is still standing, and according to the good folks at Bartlett Trees, the remaining section is likely to survive.  It’s about 80’ tall and may require some pruning to balance it and take some weight off the trunk, but otherwise it should be OK.

More good news: we contacted a local woodworking company, Logs to Lumber.  The owner, Rick Miller, looked at the part of the tree that fell and said it can be dried, sawn into boards and sections, and then used to make furniture and turned objects.  This type of tree has a beautiful grain and is easy to work with.  So about a year from now, The Inn at Monticello may display some new chairs, tables and bowls, made from the fallen tree.

1 thought on “Good News, Bad News . . . .

  1. Sorry to hear about the splitting of that majestic tree. How is the remaining part of the tree doing? Being that this blog is roughly a year old, were you able to use the fallen portion of the tree as material for new furniture? Furniture using portions of the tree would make a great story, not to mention some nice homegrown chairs.

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