Upcoming Event: The Montalto Challenge, May 7, 2011

Think you’ve got the stuff to be King or Queen of the Mountain?  The Montalto Challenge will test your mettle.  Starting at the base of the Saunders-Monticello Trail, you will have to run vertically almost 1,000 feet over about 3.1 miles to reach the summit of Montalto, the mountain that rises above Monticello.  Thomas Jefferson used to go there as a young man, to gaze at the Blue Ridge Mountains off to the west, and perhaps to contemplate the ideas of freedom and independence.

If you reach the top, or even if you don’t, consider treating yourself to a stay at The Inn at Monticello.  We’ll help you ease back from the race, we’ll help bring you back to earth.  When you leave us, you’ll be relaxed and ready to take on the next big challenge.  Isn’t late May when most climbers reach the summit of Mt. Everest?    

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