It’s Always Presidents’ Weekend in Virginia!

Today, it’s a balmy 59 degrees and sunny outside, as we celebrate the birthdays of George Washington (1st President of the U.S.) and Abraham Lincoln (16th President of the U.S.).  Some of our guests took advantage of the fine weather to walk the 2 miles from our Inn to Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson (3rd President of the U.S.).  Had they continued past Monticello for another 2 miles, our guests could have dropped in at Ashlawn Highland, the home of James Monroe (5th President of the U.S.).  Reversing course and heading north on Route 20, through the rolling horse farms, our guests could have driven 26 miles to visit Montpelier, the 2,700-acre Orange County estate of James Madison (4th President of the U.S.).  (Incidentally, Orange County is also the location of Montebello, the home where Zachary Taylor, 12th President of the U.S. was born; unfortunately it is not open for visitors).    And, if our guests still had a yearning to visit the homes of more U. S. Presidents from Virginia, they could have headed west across the Blue Ridge Mountains to the town of Staunton, to tour the boyhood home of Woodrow Wilson (28th President of the U.S.), and east past Richmond to Charles City County, on the James River, where they could have seen Berkeley Plantation, the early home of William Henry Harrison (9th President of the U.S.), and Sherwood Forest, the home of John Tyler (10th President of the U.S.).   Then, heading back towards Charlottesville, our guests could have stopped in at Pineknot, the rustic cabin used as a getaway by Theodore Roosevelt (26th President of the U.S.).

Speaking of birthdays of U. S. Presidents, Montpelier will be celebrating the 260th birthday of President Madison on March 16th.    And, on April 13th, Monticello will host a 268th birthday party for President Jefferson.  In either or both cases, should you need a place to stay, call us.  We’ll be happy to take great care of you as you honor two of America’s greatest Presidents!

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